Keep Stubborn Rodents Out of Your House for Good

Schedule our rodent control and exclusion services in Latham, Clifton Park and Albany, NY

Listen closely. Can you hear the faint sound of tiny feet running through your walls? You shouldn't have to share your home with mice or rats. Instead, hire 1O1 Pest Control LLC for rodent control services in Latham, Clifton Park and Albany, NY. Once your home is rodent-free, we'll take precautionary steps to prevent another infestation in the future. This process is known as exclusion, and it's an effective solution to rodent infestations.

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What's included in our rodent exclusion services?

Mice and rats can squeeze their bodies through spaces as small as dimes. When you hire us for rodent exclusion services, we'll seal off any potential entry points into your home, including cracks and holes in your:

  • Siding
  • Roofing
  • Foundation
  • Windows and doors

In the areas we can't seal, we'll install obstacles, such as metal mesh or netting, to deter the rodents.

We recommend calling us for residential rodent control and exclusion services in the winter and spring. Reach out to us now to make an appointment.