Rodent Control

Don't Share Your Home With Destructive Rodents

Schedule rodent control services in the Latham, Clifton Park & Albany, NY area

Rodents are a big problem and destructive when they tear up your home and can also be a health hazard to your family. If you find signs of mice or rats in your home, call on 1O1 Pest Control LLC for rodent control services.

From snap traps to rodenticide, we'll use the most effective strategy for your situation. Whether you have a single mouse rummaging through your pantry or a full rat infestation in your attic, you can rest assured that we'll leave your home rodent-free. Arrange for mouse and rat removal services in Latham, Clifton Park or Albany, NY by contacting us now.

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Why you shouldn't wait to fix your rodent problem

Rodents might be gross and creepy, but that's not the only reason to consider rodent control. Hire us for mouse or rat removal services as soon as you notice a problem because...

  • Rodents can carry all kinds of diseases that can harm your family
  • They'll leave droppings everywhere and make a mess in your home
  • Mice and rats can cause significant damage to your walls, wiring and pantry

Protect your home and family by calling our pest control company at 518-488-8811.