Bees, Wasps and Hornets

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Our insect control company offers top-notch bee removal services in Latham, Clifton Park & Albany, NY

Nobody wants to get stung by a bee, especially when you're just trying to relax on your front porch or work in your garage. If you spot a beehive or wasp nest on your property, you'll need to find a bee removal specialist ASAP.

You can count on the team at 1O1 Pest Control LLC for bee, wasp and hornet removal services in Latham, Clifton Park, Albany, NY and the surrounding area. Contact us today to schedule a visit from a bee and wasp removal pro.

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Three benefits of hiring 1O1 Pest Control

When it comes to bee, wasp and hornet removal services, you can trust our team to get rid of those pests without damaging your property or harming the environment. You'll be glad you chose 1O1 Pest Control because:

1.  We're licensed and fully insured
2.  We use eco-friendly pest control products
3.  Our bee removal team can transfer hives to a safe location

Looking for a bee and wasp removal company you can count on? Your search ends here. Call 518-488-8811 now to arrange for service.