Conifer Seed Bugs

Nobody Wants a House Full of Stinky Bugs

Get conifer seed bug control services in the Albany, NY area

Is that a stink bug on your wall? It might actually be a conifer seed bug. This type of pest is related to the stink bug, and it will produce an unpleasant scent if you squish it. However, unlike stink bugs, conifer seed bugs have:

  • A long, narrow body
  • White lines on their wings
  • Wide hind legs

Whether you're dealing with stink bugs or conifer seed bugs, you'll want to get them out of your house ASAP. You can depend on 1O1 Pest Control LLC for top-notch conifer seed bug removal services in and around Albany, NY.

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Like other types of insects, conifer seed bugs seek warm environments during the winter. Luckily, they're not poisonous or harmful. But since they can produce a foul odor, you'll want to call a professional to remove conifer seed bugs from your home.

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