Stink Bugs

Insect Infestations Stink!

Hire us for stink bug removal services in Latham, Clifton Park & Albany, NY

While stink bugs are more of a nuisance than a threat, you shouldn't downplay an infestation. If you have a stink bug problem in the Latham, Clifton Park or Albany, NY area, turn to 1O1 Pest Control LLC for help. We provide safe and effective stink bug removal services.

You can count on us to...

  • Seal up cracks around your home's exterior
  • Apply an eco-friendly chemical product at entry points
  • Remove any bugs that have made their way inside your home

Take a stand against obnoxious insects. Contact us today to get professional pest control services.

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Why are stink bugs bad for your property?

Stink bugs have been known to cause damage to a variety of ornamental plants and fruit trees. They can also hide in your walls and crawl space, filling your home with a foul scent when they die or are smashed. With professional pest control services in Latham, Clifton Park or Albany, NY, you can protect your interior and exterior from stink bugs.

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