Boxelder Bugs

Give Box Elder Bugs the Boot

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What are those little black and red bugs all over your siding? They might be box elder bugs. These insects are native to North America and belong to the same family as stink bugs. They tend to sneak inside homes and buildings during the cold months, and they feed on sap from box elder trees.

The experienced team at our pest control company in the Latham, Clifton Park & Albany, NY area has the skills needed to keep box elder bugs off of your property. If you're dealing with a box elder bug infestation, 1O1 Pest Control LLC is the company to call.

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Are box elder bugs harmful?

Box elder bugs aren't poisonous, and they generally don't bite people or pets. However, they tend to travel in large groups, making them annoying and difficult to remove. While box elder bugs won't hurt you, they can:

  • Carry an unpleasant smell
  • Stain surfaces around your home
  • Damage your grass, trees and flowers

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