Tired of Smelling Skunk Around Your Home?

Get wildlife control services within 40 miles of Albany, NY

Skunks may search your property for food, water and shelter. If they find it, they may decide to stay. Not only are skunks foul-smelling animals, they can also transmit disease. Thankfully, you can get rid of your stinky pest problem when you get wildlife control services from 1O1 Pest Control LLC of the Latham, Clifton Park & Albany, NY area.

We'll create a custom pest control plan based on the extent of your infestation. We always use eco-friendly products to deter pests and rehome wild animals when possible.

Reach out today to get humane wildlife exclusion services from a licensed and insured team.

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Have you noticed these signs of a skunk infestation?

You know you have a pest problem if the stench of skunk spray won't go away. But foul odors aren't the only evidence of an infestation.

You should call a wildlife control service provider if you notice:

  • Ripped-up garbage bags
  • Small, cone-shaped holes in the ground
  • Disturbed dirt near a porch, shed or another potential shelter

To schedule skunk removal and exclusion services in the Latham, Clifton Park or Albany, NY area, call 518-488-8811 right away. Se habla español.