Keep Spiders Outside Where They Belong

Turn to a trusted pest control company in the Latham, Clifton Park & Albany, NY area

Wondering how to manage your spider problem? Start by calling 1O1 Pest Control LLC. Our pest control crew has the knowledge and experience needed to take care of many different kinds of spiders. We'll use eco-friendly products to remove spiders from your home and provide professional tips on how to prevent future spider problems.

If you need spider control services in Latham, Clifton Park or Albany, NY, call 518-488-8811 now.

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Watch out for spiders during the winter

When the cold season settles in, you want to stay inside where its warm and cozy. Spiders are no different. These creepy pests like to sneak into houses during the winter months to warm up. If you see spiders crawling around your home this winter, turn to our pest control specialists for help.

We also offer quarterly services designed to keep your home spider-free throughout the year. Contact us today to schedule recurring pest control services.