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Are you pets getting attacked by wild opossums at night? Do you have wild opossums digging through your trash? Count on 1O1 Pest Control LLC for opossum control services ASAP.

Opossums aren't usually friendly, and you definitely don't want these rodents near you or your family. So, trust our opossum removal and control services to get rid of opossums in your home and make sure they never come back.

Hire us for professional opossum control services in Albany County & Saratoga County, NY today, and we'll provide you a free estimate.

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Expert opossum removal services

There are many reasons why you should call us for opossum removal services. Opossums are dangerous and could pose a risk for you or your family because they:

  • Attract fleas and ticks
  • Carry several harmful parasites
  • Can spread rabies after biting

If you see any sign of opossums in your home, call us today at 518-488-8811 to schedule wildlife control and exclusion services in Albany County & Saratoga County, NY. Se habla espaƱol!